—J. C. Artemisia writes Pagan children’s books. Her books include Pagan children’s stories, myths, Pagan bedtime stories, Pagan lessons for kids, and other themes aligned with growing up Pagan. These books offer prayer and practice to the youth of the Pagan, Wiccan, and spiritual communities.


Teaching Paganism to Kids Through a New Pagan Children's Book Teaching Paganism to Kids Through a New Pagan Children’s Book (11/19/2018) - Just in time for the holiday season, “Magickal: A Pagan Nursery Rhyme” is now available online and will be available in select stores, very soon! This rhyming book is a cross between traditional nursery rhyme and ritual chant. The poetic verses move through the four elements with rich, season-aligned illustrations. Through the Magickal rhyme, children are… Continue reading Teaching Paganism to Kids Through a New Pagan Children’s Book
Mabon Celebration, Folding Leaves Into Roses Mabon Celebration Activity For Kids: Folding Leaves Into Roses (9/6/2018) - Folding Leaves Into Roses celebrates nature, giving, and the balance of light and dark during the autumnal equinox.
Sigil Symbols & Sigil Magick Craft Event Sigil Symbols & Sigil Magick Craft Event (8/9/2018) - Sigils are magickal drawings. The act of drawing is energy transfer, creating a point of magick on a paper, charm, or other object. Sigil making is a wonderful way to focus and strengthen intentions. Children are natural creators. Since everything is new to them, they have the benefit of seeing endless possibility. I introduced my… Continue reading Sigil Symbols & Sigil Magick Craft Event
Merry Lammas Pagan Sabbat Lammas Coloring Pages and Recipe Template for Pagan Kids (7/27/2018) - We are nearing the end of summer, and soon fall flavors and colors will take over. In my home, we are excitedly planning our Lammas bread and celebration! Baking and Breaking Bread Lammas, or Lughnasadh, honors Lugh, the god of sun and craftsmanship and his partner, the goddess of fertility and abundance. Many families include… Continue reading Lammas Coloring Pages and Recipe Template for Pagan Kids
new pagan children's book, wicca, magick, moon, supermoon, friday the 13th Friday the 13th SUPERMOON & New Pagan Kids Moon Blessing Book (7/11/2018) - As we all prepare for the next 2018 supermoon this Friday the 13th, I am feeling blessed to announce the early release of my third Pagan children's book title: Look to the Moon: A Pagan Bedtime Blessing.

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