Printable May Basket Craft: Family Beltane Activity Idea

Printable May Basket Craft: Family Beltane Activity Idea

Beltane is coming soon, and as flowers blossom the air fills with a buzzing joyful energy. Some of the most common Beltane activities include maypole dancing and bonfires. Another wonderful, kid-friendly activity is making and delivering May baskets.

May Basket History

The May basket tradition comes form the celebration of blossoming love in springtime. May baskets (typically made of paper) are secretly hung at the doors of friends and family. The basket-hanger will knock or ring the doorbell and then run away before the recipient answers the door. For young children, this is a lovely tradition that can teach them to give love without expecting anything in return. Here is some additional history on May Basket practice.

Free Printable May Basket Craft

Here are some May basket and Beltane crown printables to get your kids on their merry May Day way!

How to Make a Paper May Basket

Click on the May Basket thumbnail to open and print the PDF file. Color the basket and handle. Cut along the outer edges of the basket and the handle. Fold and glue the basket side tab. Roll the basket into a cone. Tuck and glue folded tab into the basket to hold shape. Glue each of the handle tabs into the basket. While your basket dries, print and color decorations from the Flowers printable to decorate and fill it–or fill your basket with real flowers / other Beltane treats to deliver!

printable beltane may basket craft activity
May Basket
printable may basket flower decorations

How to Make a Paper Beltane Crown

Click on the Beltane Crown thumbnail to open and print the PDF file. Color and cut as many strips as necessary to fit around the child’s head. Form a circle, gluing and tucking on marked tab. Optional: Color and cut additional floral decorations from the Flowers printable above!

printable beltane may day crown activity craft
Beltane Crown

Beltane Story Time

What are some ways you grow love in your Beltane celebrations?

Story-time is often part of family tradition. Get your copy of A Pagan Book of Holidays: Children’s Poems for Prayer and Practice on Amazon (Prime Eligible!) or Barnes & Noble. The collection includes a poem and blessing for each of the equinoxes, solstices, and cross-quarter holidays. At the end of the book, there is a section for kids (and parents) to write or draw about their family traditions!


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