Snow Ritual? Element Magick, Symbols, and Uses

Snow Ritual? Element Magick, Symbols, and Uses

Snow magick is water magick with a twist. This seasonal tool can be used in witchcraft and other Pagan practices. Each season holds beauty and magick for those on a path to engage with the elements. 

For Pagans who live in areas where snow falls, there are some special opportunities and alignments for this blessing. 

Snow Message and Symbolism

Like many things, children easily see the wonder in snowfall. The magick of snow has never faded in me. For many people snow–or an abundance of snow–or part of the winter scene. This is a quiet time of year for rest and preparation. Many Pagans and witches use this time for Shadow Work–deep introspection and magickal practice for healing and growth. Snow is frozen water, so it can hold the attributes of this element, but it also harnesses the power of death an transformation.

Snow as Water

Because snow is–at its essence–water, this seasonal component brings the power of water to magickal works. This means snow can be used in meditations and rituals for healing, cleansing, and purification.

Snow as Death

"Shadows are sometimes the unseen, patient friends surviving the darkness with you." --J. C. Artemisia

In many areas, snow is most common around or after Samhain. This is when the veil between life and death has thinned, and the earth enters a deep sleep. Snow and ice hold death like a sleeping child; they offer a cooling touch to ease the pain; and they preserve. In this time of quiet, some Pagans will explore their shadows–the feelings and experiences such as grief, sadness, loneliness, etc. that are sometimes hidden. Snow has a strong correspondence to this magickal work.

Snow as Transformation

As we have considered, snow is water, but it is water in a solid state. Snow is water transformed. This characteristic is critical in terms of magick for change and new beginnings. When using snow for this purpose, engage in a deep mindfulness of the water’s journey, from a free moving water in the face of extreme cold. Water crystalizes–becoming hardened yet is still soft, somehow, and it is fragile, and underneath it is still itself.

How to use Snow in Rituals

Snow for Cleansing

Build a snowman for magickal rituals

Collect freshly fallen snow in a clean jar. Use this snow to cleanse and charge crystals and other magickal tools for your rituals.

Ritual Snowmen & Sigils

You can roll or sculpt a snowperson to represent your focus, intention, deity, etc. when preforming snow magick. Alternatively, you can use a smooth, snowy landscape to draw sigils, runes, or other magickal symbols to empower your work.

Make Snow Candles

This simple DIY craft uses clean snow to create a unique, organic candle shape. Each candle will be unique; so, you can focus and create a tangible ritual tool for your intentions. Here are some step-by-step instructions for how to make a snow candle.

Magickal Snowball?

Magic snowball

Even snowballs can be used in magickal practice. There is substantial energy action involved in scooping and packing snow into a tight ball. Snowballs are excellent tools for transformation or banishing magick. After forming the ball, throw it and allow energy to explode to motivate powerful change.


Do you use snow in your magickal work? Leave a comment below with your tips and insights to share with other Pagans, witches, and magickal folx.


Published by J. C. Artemisia

J.C. Artemisia is a pantheist Pagan and the proud mother to three happy children. In addition to writing and visual art, she enjoys reading, crocheting, and baking up some kitchen magick. She earned her bachelor’s degree creative writing from Chester College of New England and her master’s degree in education from Plymouth State University. She teaches communications courses in an online graduate program.

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